A Stabbing – Because Magically Mad Lost a Follower and Her BPD Says it’s Because She’s Garbage

And, while I’m reactive, I’m also selective in my obscenity. So I’ll decline to cyber-moon my Unfollower, but here’s my Fuck You. Unfollow this. Sorry to the few of you for whom this is repetitive. Brighton, Summer 1983 – Mom Stabs Bobby. Advertisements

In-patient: Day 19: Group Therapy – PTSD

I’ve attended this group 3 weeks in a row, it’s the best group. The group is patient-driven, & one of the topics that came up was whether someone with PTSD (or Complex PTSD) could shed their victimization. A, who brought it up, is 19 or 20, posed it like this: “If you were harmed by […]

30 Day Challenge: Check it. Day 1.

30-Day-Challenge is all over the place. I abhor reality television and celebrity magazines, but occasionally something will appear on the screen that somehow captivates me. Even if it isn’t captivating. Some of the mental health blogs I follow are posting within it’s borders, but I can’t find a map. Web searches yield challenges of every […]