In which I resented babies and learned to love them

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written an original post, so excuse my writing, I’m rusty and disjointed on medication that for the most part works. When my Cenobites are raging the words flow and flow and flow. The medication takes the words and chains the Cenobites and keeps the real me at bay. […]

Hospitalization in Brooklyn Part 1: How I Learned the Verrazano Bridge is not for Pedestrians

  Haven’t posted for a few days, been down deep. Blech. Don’t feel like addressing feelings or bitching out my disorders or yelling at meds, so, can I tell a story? I have what is growing into a litany of “disorders” – Complex PTSD, Major Depression, Borderline, Anxiety Disorder, Treatment Resistant Depression, now ADD. Only […]

Genesis of a Blog

This one came out a bit long-ish, but the bulleted description of my arc & failed treatments since 2005 might be interesting to some of my readers. Hugs.        So I decided I was magically mad a month ago and started this blog (on another page) after a visit to a new psychiatrist. […]

Master’s in Anxiety with a Minor in Violence: Parenting with Mental Illness

You know those parents who sit and talk about when Lindsay Lohan is getting out of       jail or who Ashton Kutcher is dating or worse, gossiping about other parents? The ones with nothing to contribute and are either oblivious to their own child’s deliberate dominance on the playground or, again worse, think […]