30 Day Challenge: Check It, Day 5(?) –

“This is the last song I will ever sing/no I’ve changed my mind again” I closed all my online accounts, took a few valium and took a walk. My phone kept buzzing in my handbag – e-mail notifications. I walked into a few bars downtown but am not a bar-by-myself person, not even with meds. […]

30 Day Challenge: Check It, Day 4

With the resurgence of satanic symptoms, it seems a will-to-live post is appropriate. So, today, I live for the work of Andy Prokh.

30 Day Challenge: Day 3, Check It

This isn’t really a challenge any more, partly because I am no longer pining over death like a 12 year old over Justin Bieber, partly because my collection of magic is endless.  I could go at least 1,000 days by dipping into my own art collection, bookshelves, iTunes library, Pinterest. I don’t feel like dying […]

30 Day Challenge, Check it, Day 2

Today was awful. The Complex PTSD is back and with it Major Depression and they’re unrelenting. I wake up in fear – not mortal or physical fear – psychic fear. I drag myself out of bed and get the girls – 2 & 3 – up, get their oatmeal ready and go to collect the […]

30 Day Challenge: Check it. Day 1.

30-Day-Challenge is all over the place. I abhor reality television and celebrity magazines, but occasionally something will appear on the screen that somehow captivates me. Even if it isn’t captivating. Some of the mental health blogs I follow are posting within it’s borders, but I can’t find a map. Web searches yield challenges of every […]