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Emptiness and Isolation Will Kill Me

  THIS POST IS NOT A CRY FOR HELP, JUST A COMMENTARY ON THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN BEFORE THAT LAST BREATH. I just tried to take my life. My husband could tell I was desperate and had followed me upstairs, and I was screaming at him to get out, to leave me alone. “But I […]

The Part Where I Quit

Ciao, for now.

Something I Picked Up Inpatient – Award Post 3 of 5

So you know how support goes, right? Hard to find in daily life, likely NO ONE understands what goes on in our heads? And if they have any idea that we have something fucked up in our heads, then we are looked upon as weak, phony, manipulative, lazy, a bad parent even? That’s largely my […]

When Borderline Attacks: Attachment, Rejection, Abandonment – All in One Night! (featuring Jimmy Gnecco and Ours)

So, back at the hospital I met a girl – I think I mentioned her in one of my “Inpatient” posts – the girl with the guitar and the Katrina canine rescue. Let’s call her K. I bought tickets to see possibly my favorite live act – typically I go alone to see Jimmy Gnecco […]

2012 Inspiration Award! Award post 2 of 5!

The kind, compassionate, & highly talented badass Miz Roket at (sorry, still can’t figure out hyperlinking) awarded me & additional magical bloggers her own magical 2012 Inspiration Award a month or so ago but I was inpatient trying to cope & never got around to acknowledging or handing out.  Please check out her dynamite photo blog, […]

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“If You Knew” – Ellen Bass What if you knew you’d be the last to touch someone? If you were taking tickets, for example, at the theater, tearing them, giving back the ragged stubs, you might take care to touch that palm, brush your fingertips along the…


As most of us do, I guess I have alot of anger. But I cannot access it. I am not angry at anyone in particular, in terms of my own life experiences, the things that invited the Cenobites to live in my head, although I guess I feel fury in specific instances of politics and […]

Critter Mondays – Now on Tuesday Night! Please sign the Conservation Petition for Ocelots!

Gonna start with the petition this week, I don’t think anyone read about the Oryxes last week, so here it is – please help save my beloved Ocelot! Aren’t they the most gorgeous critters on earth? I can’t think of any creature more beautiful. I’ll keep this post to a minimum, but here are […]