Blog Abandonment

I wonder what percentage of hardcore WP bloggers stay hardcore forever. My stint was short-lived but I came back, only to find most everyone gone. So I’m leaving this blog as it is and hope everyone who has gone, privatized or become perforated are well or better than well. Goodbye wordpress.

I’m…back? I don’t know, maybe. Depends on the Effexor.

First of all my television has too much red in it but I just make it worse when I wrangle with the color features. That aside I’ve had generous bloggers reach out to me as well as the urge to write so I am forcing myself to write a post. It all seems so unfamiliar […]

Wrapping it up

I’m a corpse. I’m about as loved as M. Gaddafi. Invisible bothwithin and without my house. No one should have to live like this. My cenobites are screeching. Borderline – 3pm. I depart – with my silliness intact

5 Minutes of Happy – With Love, From India

How much fun must this scene have been to participate in?  

thank you.

It’s Feelings You’re Interested in? Coming Right Up! (A Pictorial)

  Actually, I think I’ll make it a point to go out and capture all of my own images this weekend. And perhaps I’ll post them.

A Stabbing – Because Magically Mad Lost a Follower and Her BPD Says it’s Because She’s Garbage

And, while I’m reactive, I’m also selective in my obscenity. So I’ll decline to cyber-moon my Unfollower, but here’s my Fuck You. Unfollow this. Sorry to the few of you for whom this is repetitive. Brighton, Summer 1983 – Mom Stabs Bobby.

Successful Suicide! Except Interrupted. (Don’t Try This at Home)

Returned from the psych hospital last Friday night. It was wonderful to see the kids, the cats. Even my husband appeared to be legitimately happy to have returned with a living, breathing wife, if only so that he didn’t have to tell his parents that his wife had killed herself. It was dinner time and […]

Before Addressing the Overdose – Critter, Um, Sunday – The Honeybadger

Have been off for an entire week and NO WAY I’m going to be able to really catch up on ALL blog entries (like, 1,000 of them), but I’ll do my best over the next couple of days. Look forward to catching up with y’all. Hugs. And because I’m more focused on a species of […]

Praise for us all! Hooray!

A friend posted this comment on my “In The End” post and it was directed towards the WordPress mental community, so I thought I would share as a post. A real post coming as energy is regained. Fellow followers, I am friends with Jill and a huge fan of her brilliant writing. I am not […]