Reblog – This hilarious post saved my life

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  I  am touched and honoured. I am close to tears of happiness and joy. I have been blessed.   I have named a baby.   A beautiful little one year old baby who has just had his 1st birthday party.   THE NAME I HAVE GIVEN HIM IS……

My First Poem Ever (Unless I’ve Got Repressed Memories of Public School Composition)

The day started out poorly. I couldn’t even sing along to Gerry Rafferty, I was unmoved by his sax solo. No car accidents into town, no realizations of my greatest fears: parking garage assault or malfunctioning elevator maiming. It could have been a good day but it just wasn’t going to be, so I set […]

Is Blogging Good for Borderlines?

I don’t know. At first I thought so. I felt better, part of a community, seemed to kind of affirm what I go through with some regularity. Now I feel like it exposes me to triggers – rejection, marginalization, abandonment. I don’t know. Just a thought. I guess I’ll keep trying. Feedback MORE than welcome.

Quick Sunday Morning Post.

Sometimes Pinterest really delivers. Feel free to crib & use the image. It must mean something to most of you. Hugs. Oh, & if you’re on Pinterest, my page is very aesthetic, if such things appeal to you:

Hospitalization in Brooklyn Part 1: How I Learned the Verrazano Bridge is not for Pedestrians

  Haven’t posted for a few days, been down deep. Blech. Don’t feel like addressing feelings or bitching out my disorders or yelling at meds, so, can I tell a story? I have what is growing into a litany of “disorders” – Complex PTSD, Major Depression, Borderline, Anxiety Disorder, Treatment Resistant Depression, now ADD. Only […]

Art Therapy

Well, I don’t think this is what they have in mind at the hospitals, but, after an entire day of decompensation, I am expanding my art collection with this beauty by Carisa Swenson. Feel better already. My body just doesn’t know it yet.

30 Day Challenge: Check It, Day 4

With the resurgence of satanic symptoms, it seems a will-to-live post is appropriate. So, today, I live for the work of Andy Prokh.

Assault from all sides

What a quietly, secretly, painfully wretched period of lucidity. The mental shifts leave me confused and terrorized. Before when my entire collection lovingly devoted itself to me, it was upon me before it had a name. Now each symptom has a name, an assignment, and apparently a vision, but they aren’t working in communion, they’re […]

Three Bins of Brilliance Award – Hilarity on WordPress

So I follow and she posted about winning an award, one so shiny I had to have it, like some limited edition chevre  Balenciaga from 2005.   So I navigated to another magical blogger – – read the rules (be funny and brilliant), so what did I do? I begged: “I want one! Bipolarmuse gave […]

Genesis of a Blog

This one came out a bit long-ish, but the bulleted description of my arc & failed treatments since 2005 might be interesting to some of my readers. Hugs.        So I decided I was magically mad a month ago and started this blog (on another page) after a visit to a new psychiatrist. […]