Before Addressing the Overdose – Critter, Um, Sunday – The Honeybadger

Have been off for an entire week and NO WAY I’m going to be able to really catch up on ALL blog entries (like, 1,000 of them), but I’ll do my best over the next couple of days. Look forward to catching up with y’all. Hugs. And because I’m more focused on a species of […]

Sunshine Award: 1st of 5 Award Posts

FINALLY getting to some awarding! I was going to do individual posts for each award but, well, maybe I will as I go… First up : Carla at (I am going crazy trying to add hyperlinks – I can’t do it via the link icon above, not working, anything I could be doing wrong? Thank you!) […]

Critters Mondays: Volume 1: The Oryx

I thought I’d add a Creature Feature to my blog, and since I’m an animal fanatic, it may as well be critter related. And I think the Oryx, all of the different species, is a worthy 1st stab at it. From Wikipedia, the African Wildlife Foundation and Oman’s Ministry of Information: Oryx is one of four […]

My 1st Post for my new blog – Every Breath Is Absurd…

I’d had the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom until my oldest was 18 months, the youngest just six months.  And then my 1st husband, Henry, decided to go on strike. Just a one-man-strike, nothing organized, and his strike had not particular aim – attrition really. How long would they pay him before terminating his […]

Reblogging: What Is Essential in Life . . .

Any Borderline could use this piece of wisdom, it’s like a kick in the ass, but is good to have for those of us who love in survival mode.   What Is Essential in Life . . ..

Mine own Award to Give (a collaboration with Dotty Headbanger)

This award was created by Dotty Headbanger ( based on one of my I don’t feel like posting about insanity tonight posts ( – how’s THAT for versatility? Although I’m sure there’s something to be said for cats and madness… Anyhow, I wish to present, without further ado, The Magical Cat Award, to some of […]

Anthem for the Lethally Lonely – Morrissey

This may be my second Morrissey video, do I need a new blog? This was a B-Side 100 years ago and when it was new on import I didn’t listen to it much more than I had to. Have been driving with his entire catalog on shuffle lately. Stop making me cry, Stephen!!!!

Renegade Mental Blogger Post About CATS!

I think I will try a silly post while sinking. Comedy from the depths? Well, felines can accomplish anything. The inimitable Dotty Headbanger ( has established herself as a Baby-Namer of note, and the child in question – one Sausage – has become all the more enchanting ( So, I asked Dotty how she would feel […]

Reblog: Very clean breakdown of attachment aspects of BPD

Really clean breakdown of attachment aspects of Borderline, thanks Jaen!

30 Day Challenge: Check It, Day 5(?) –

“This is the last song I will ever sing/no I’ve changed my mind again” I closed all my online accounts, took a few valium and took a walk. My phone kept buzzing in my handbag – e-mail notifications. I walked into a few bars downtown but am not a bar-by-myself person, not even with meds. […]