5 Minutes of Happy – With Love, From India

How much fun must this scene have been to participate in?  

2012 Inspiration Award! Award post 2 of 5!

The kind, compassionate, & highly talented badass Miz Roket at http://mizroketfoto.wordpress.com/ (sorry, still can’t figure out hyperlinking) awarded me & additional magical bloggers her own magical 2012 Inspiration Award a month or so ago but I was inpatient trying to cope & never got around to acknowledging or handing out.  Please check out her dynamite photo blog, […]

Critter Mondays – Now on Tuesday Night! Please sign the Conservation Petition for Ocelots!

Gonna start with the petition this week, I don’t think anyone read about the Oryxes last week, so here it is – please help save my beloved Ocelot! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/447/983/249/save-southwestern-ocelots/ Aren’t they the most gorgeous critters on earth? I can’t think of any creature more beautiful. I’ll keep this post to a minimum, but here are […]

Sunshine Award: 1st of 5 Award Posts

FINALLY getting to some awarding! I was going to do individual posts for each award but, well, maybe I will as I go… First up : Carla at http://carlarenee45.wordpress.com/ (I am going crazy trying to add hyperlinks – I can’t do it via the link icon above, not working, anything I could be doing wrong? Thank you!) […]

A Very Dotty Sunday: An Instagram Photo Post: Crane Beach, Ipswich MASS

Am no sexy photographer like some of the bloggers I follow – I can’t do magic. But the Instagram app is fun. So, while I have real posts to write, I have no real energy to write them, so I will post what I did yesterday. FUN WITH INSTAGRAM – CRANE BEACH, IPSWICH, MASS, USA […]

Critters Mondays: Volume 1: The Oryx

I thought I’d add a Creature Feature to my blog, and since I’m an animal fanatic, it may as well be critter related. And I think the Oryx, all of the different species, is a worthy 1st stab at it. From Wikipedia, the African Wildlife Foundation and Oman’s Ministry of Information: Oryx is one of four […]

My 1st Post for my new blog – Every Breath Is Absurd…

I’d had the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom until my oldest was 18 months, the youngest just six months.  And then my 1st husband, Henry, decided to go on strike. Just a one-man-strike, nothing organized, and his strike had not particular aim – attrition really. How long would they pay him before terminating his […]

Reblogging: What Is Essential in Life . . .

Any Borderline could use this piece of wisdom, it’s like a kick in the ass, but is good to have for those of us who love in survival mode.   What Is Essential in Life . . ..

A Poem. No, not by me! For me!

A particularly poetic blogger penned this piece of pretty especially for me. I thought it too lovely not to share. If the writer wishes to identify herself, please do!   “Intrinsically exquisite this sustaining full of life visit a world you will never know totally commanding isn’t it? trifling and fumbling through the depths of […]

Oh enough mental ramblings, here’s something better

Am typically altogether immune to the concept of “inspiration” (a jaded cat, me), but the lovely Miz Roket at http://mizroketfoto.wordpress.com/ gifted some magical videos to me and I can’t think of any reason not to share the love. There are indeed all kinds of inspiration to be found in the arts everyday. Thanks for the reminder, MR. […]