My Borderline thinks it’s Jack Torrance

3 years later it’s back. Can’t put it any better than I did in 2012. Here goees…

Not Quite Lost



Gee, thanks for the fucking warning. You’ve been away for a year, you don’t call, you don’t write, I thought you were dead for Christ’s sake, or met someone else at the very least.

In all seriousness Borderline, why did you come back? Things were going so well. MD has popped in here and there, but that has been circumstantial. Anxiety Disorder is ever faithful of course, but he brings treats – valium, ativan, whatever I want. Complex PTSD and I worked out an agreement in your absence, and Rejection and Abandonment will find someone else to haunt if I just ignore them or go to sleep.

But you! I can’t say I missed you – I’d hoped you were happy and perhaps somewhere tropical, after all, you’ve been a part of my life since I was 10. Not the best part, but you were reliable in your…

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