5 Minutes of Happy – With Love, From India

How much fun must this scene have been to participate in?



  1. Dorothy says:

    Played this one for my Dad. Austin Powers does India…hahhaha. You crack me up! I say we all get together and do our own version of this!! I’ve got to learn to dance like that girl in the gold dress. Although sometimes I act like that anyway.
    HOw’s it going????
    Hugs Dot

  2. I think I might have done something like that back then…ah, what the heck, let’s do that again! 🙂 xoM

  3. This video is wild! Rock ‘n roll! Wonder what the heck he’s saying. This is brilliant Jill! \m/

  4. Hi Jill 🙂

    Just thought I would let you know that I tagged you in a tagging game! It is just a bit of fun and you can find out about it in my post here : http://voicesofglass.com/2012/07/28/tagged-by-a-moose-and-a-depressed-one-at-that/

    Hope you will join in.
    Kind Regards and God bless you.

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