It’s Feelings You’re Interested in? Coming Right Up! (A Pictorial)













Actually, I think I’ll make it a point to go out and capture all of my own images this weekend. And perhaps I’ll post them.


  1. we do need the silly and magical to guide us don’t we

  2. Great collection – yes, I look forward to your photos – love your mix of wit with all the horrible stuff. Bravo!

    • Oh good, bc otherwise I was thinking of quitting again – like the blog had lost it’s way 😦 I don’t like to be not making an average grade on something 😦

      • No, don’t quit the blog – I really look forward to your posts – partly curiosity (because you can bloody write), partly concern (because you are bloody sufferering) and partly because I guess I just like you a lot even though I’ve never met you. Keep going with the blog Jill – Love Julie

  3. Yes do! I’ve been wanting to do the 30 day picture challenge but can’t seem to get to it.

  4. These images — perfect! For what you’re saying in relation to you and your special way of looking at things. I’d love to see ones you’ve taken!

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    I love these images…and I look forward to your images.. keep posting

  6. Brilliant!

  7. These are gorgeous. The girls with the lanterns…why. Where’s that from?

  8. Saw this and thought of you

  9. beachcomber says:

    Excellent imagery–glad that silliness survives.

  10. Miz Roket says:

    The last one is so wonderful…..

  11. Hey!

    Just followed your blog. Check out ours here

    Many of us

    We have did amongst other things, we love your humour it drew us to you!

    Carol anne for everyone of many of us

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