A Stabbing – Because Magically Mad Lost a Follower and Her BPD Says it’s Because She’s Garbage

And, while I’m reactive, I’m also selective in my obscenity. So I’ll decline to cyber-moon my Unfollower, but here’s my Fuck You.

Unfollow this.

Sorry to the few of you for whom this is repetitive.

Brighton, Summer 1983 – Mom Stabs Bobby.


  1. Bourbon says:

    …. wow … my mother was constantly wielding a knife but never actually stabbed anyone with it… i can’t imagine having to watch that…. just…. yeah…. wow…. and, sorry too x

    • She carried everywhere, I watched for it when we were with strange men in the middle of the night, funny it was someone close she ended up attacking. 😦

      • My grandma tried to stab her husband (mom’s dad) on several occasions. He did the same. My uncle had to knock him down with a bat just to get him off of my grandmother on one of those incidents. But she always went back for more.

        I think I’ve told you this before though.


    • And – wow back! It’s one thing to search “Borderline Personality Disorder” & subscribe to a bunch of blogs where you’re exchanging the same symptom clusters – but – how many mothers were running around with butchers knives 30 years ago? Who knew? Do you find that you are attracted to them? Not in a cutting way, just, I don’t know…

  2. Hell!

  3. Brighton, not Brockton. My bad.

  4. beachcomber says:

    My mother once threw a knife at me when she was mad. She was cutting something in the kitchen. Note to self: don’t piss off crazy woman wielding a weapon.

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