Praise for us all! Hooray!

A friend posted this comment on my “In The End” post and it was directed towards the WordPress mental community, so I thought I would share as a post. A real post coming as energy is regained.

Fellow followers, I am friends with Jill and a huge fan of her brilliant writing. I am not myself afflicted so even though i follow this blog closely, i have not felt qualified to comment on her posts. But those of you that do comment do so with a understanding and compassion that is most humbling and beautiful to witness. So I am compelled to share news of your gifted sister. Jill is presently in the hospital following a overdose. I know you have all followed the darkening trend of her posts and require no enlightenment as to how this transpired. She is or was in the ICU and is now in the hospital resting and seems to be out of danger for the moment. She will be entering in-patient again upon leaving. When i spoke to her last night I mentioned the concern for her among the fellowship here and she said I could tell you where she is. I will post another update as needed but I am hoping she can soon do so herself with more style and ability. Your energy and spirit inspire.

Thanks P. Heart you.


  1. Glad to hear from you. You have a great friend in P. and we/me appreciate her letting us know where you are. Take care of you and I look forward to your next post.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I have noticed your absence and was hoping, well hoping it wasn’t something like what it was. I didn’t know if my Republicanism had sent you around the bend. 🙂
    Be well, rest, take care of you,

  3. Take good care of yourself and come back to us when you can!! I haven’t yet caught up with all of your posts, but I’m trying!! I know it sounds trite, everything sounds trite when you’re at a certain stage, but I’m going to say it anyway: Hang in there and know there will be brighter days ahead!!! You are in my prayers!!! You have been missed!! You are wanted!! You are cared about!!

  4. Welcome back 🙂

    Take care, WeeGee xx

  5. Heart you Jill, sending you hugs from across the ocean xoxoxoxox

  6. Wonderful Jill!

  7. Thanks so much for the update! I have only recently found Jill, but her voice is strong. Send her hugs and best wishes from us all. ~Rainey

  8. I was very worried about you. Thanks for the update!

  9. I’m messaging you on Facebook. So CHECK IT. Cus it’s from me which means it’s ubber special.

  10. wishing you a speedy recovery and a safe trip back into the wordpress community! Just discovered your blog and the support you have is touching! you are obviously a very special person!

  11. clownonfire says:

    So glad you’re back… And ok.
    Wishing you best, friend.
    Le Clown

  12. Navigating between worlds is hard. Hope your compass stays in working order! All the best, M

  13. Thanks for the update. Sending kiwi hugs your way.

  14. I was wondering what had happened but trying to think positively. (where did that come from?) and I have not been on for a week ….anyway, I hope you get the help you need this time and at least keep trying to get the help. We all care about you. Sorry, I feel upset because I don’t want to lose you as a friend and I hope you can get the help this time. I have a very close connection with you and I hope we can talk about this or anything. If you want to talk , let me know, I’ll give you my number.
    Get the rest you deserve! That’s an order
    Love Dot

    • We need to get together in JP (Same Old Place & the Pond?). You must live in the vicinity of my family’s underground neighborhood at St. Joseph’s, off of VFW? XOXO (I was out after 2 days, quite unwell but nothing they can do, no sense staying inpatient. whatever.) Love, j

      • Dorothy says:

        I live on Perham which is close enough to St. Joe’s.
        I’ll never understand the whole system we abide by in this rinky dink medical system….makes no sense to me but then again I’m mentally unstable.
        Wish I could make things better and more tolerable for you.
        Love Dot

      • Thanks Dot! You do make things better. Randall does too though. My kids showed this clip to me & sometimes I have to remind myself to watch it. Bc it is like a DBT tool. Pulls you RIGHT out!!! Better print up a screen shot of the honey badger & put it beside my meds!!! Love, j

      • Dorothy says:

        I thought this was hysterical but I was concerned at the part at the end when he was laying there after chowing down on the cobra. An amazing and resilient animal and I agree with you to post this near the med bottle or just anyplace that will remind you that you can go on. I like the t-shirt that’s for sale too. Will have to get one since that’s all I wear is t-shirts and jeans. Remember if you see some bummy woman walking around wearing crazy t-shirts and jeans, it’s me….yell out..Hey Dotty!!!

      • Ah, we’ll know each other before then, seriously let me know when you can get away for a few hours in JP – it would be a nice way to spend the day with the babies & I want them always to know my hometown, as my 2 older daughters do (16 year old’s life’s goal is to own a little house there someday. I’ll be living in her attic). I work in the city 2 days since last hospitalization – 2 days out of the house good – but aside from appointments I’m around for a jaunt M-W-F, and weekends of course. So really, let me know when you think you can get out, we can check (although I love the Arboretum in a warm rain, & it doesn’t hurt cemeteries either if you aren’t opposed to strolls through, St. J’s is lovely, even if it isn’t Forest Hills, my poor mom, if she’d lasted 2 more years her remains would have been my responsibility and I could have fought the family & planted her there, where she wanted to be. Wait, why the hell was my mom telling me where she wanted to be buried before I was 10? You’ve just gently brought back some memories Dot – I thought I had ALL of them. Wow. Damnit. What else I wonder…nothing bad, probably more good that was pushed aside for drama, right? I wonder how to bring out the good…do I have your personal e-m addy? Or cell for text? Question for you). Mine showed it to me too (only youtube I see is through others, mostly the kids, & mostly when I need a guy with a mullet and saxophone or better than A&E commentary on wildlife to keep my head in the game. They know their stuff, these kids, bet your children know how to cheer you up. If they don’t I’ll hook you up with my oldest. I was just told it’s also a book, so headed now to Amazon to optimize the Honey Badger in our household – forbid I die and the babies lack adequate exposure to subtle hilarity. Their Dad’s sense of humor is good but much less broad than mine. I wonder if there is a honey badger poster somewhere…remember he had a Superbowl ad? I think he was going crazy cracking Emerald nuts or something. Not nearly as good as the real thing. Sorry to be lengthy, hope it wasn’t disjointed. Love, j


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