A Very Dotty Sunday: An Instagram Photo Post: Crane Beach, Ipswich MASS

Am no sexy photographer like some of the bloggers I follow – I can’t do magic. But the Instagram app is fun. So, while I have real posts to write, I have no real energy to write them, so I will post what I did yesterday.


The foot of the very long Boardwalk to the beach, where Daughter #4 began her half-hour long Rabid Badger fit…do you see anything to fear here?


Berries by the foot of the Boardwalk, hassled by wire


Dense foliage towards the front, I love these barren beach trees


More plantlife along the foot of the Boardwalk stairs, not very awesome, but it’s what we have along Massachusetts beaches…


The 1st set of real stairs, where Daughter #2 needed an Ativan to cope with Daughter number #4s mental breakdown.


Crane Beach’s excuse for dunes. Rare birds live within the preserve between the parking lot and the beach. They are prettily noisy and Sea Gulls are left out. Birdfeeder in upper right…


More of what you see on the western end of the Boardwalk. Or footbridge. Whatever you wish to call it. Thrilling, ay? It’s actually very peaceful.


The great expanse of bridge. You can see a tiny bit of the ocean (very dark blue) and a great expanse of sky. I love the bridge!


More landscape along the bridge.


Still more, the Atlantic waiting beyond


The halfway mark of the footbridge. Someone had vomited and a beach worker had thrown a bucket of water over it. But only after I stepped in it with a bare foot. I didn’t even care.


Seagrass towards the beach


Closer still to the beach, Atlantic in backdrop


A lonely plant, closer to the beach still


Seagrass closeup


The babies’ favorite part of the trip – feeding donuts to the sea gulls. On the beach. Hooray!


I know, not sexy, but I love all of the things Instagram does to the photos. Fun! Anyway, if you’ve never been to a Massachusetts beach that costs $25 to park because it thinks it is so fancy, this is what the trip looks like.



  1. !!!! I love you! You instagram wizard! The tags are hilarious and the picture of the lonely bit of scrub and grass closeup has me in stitches, as does the slow progress to the beach and yet not a single full-on picture of the ocean! I swear we’re related!

  2. I love you too!! I live here and have never been to Crane Beach. I had always been taught it was for the rich when I was a kid…maybe with those parking fees the father was right…..LOL…maybe when I’m done with this horror chapter in the book of life I can travel to the north shore and see for myself!! Love your photos esp. the seagulls…Love those boids….and feeding them, the kiddies got it right! I don’t know why I can picture daughter #4 tap dancing ala stamping out ala morse code hissy fitting her way up the boardwalk but who really knows what little kids hear and see in their pea brains….lol….remember when you were a kid?? LOL..
    Why does it look like a barren wasteland when the weather had been so good? Was the vomitatrix that bad that he/she chased everyone away? Aren’t the Trustees of Reservations doing their best to attract people during these dismal times, really (big sigh of disgust)……
    Your photos are excellent and I want to go. I just need a good looking man to drive me or I have to wait for these stupid pills to settle in so I don’t drive into someones rear bumper on the way while fantasizing that a good looking man is driving me. AAAAHHHHHHH. help me!!!!…..hahhaha…..I need to go to sleep!!!.

  3. $25 to park your car!?!? Wow! But the pics plus captions are great. Love the bridge looking out to sea. Promise of things to come. Of course you are a sexy photographer! 🙂

  4. I also HEART Instagram. But I pretty much only post pictures of food (I love food) and my cats LOL

  5. Also, I miss the ocean

    • I know, I SO want to move back to the water, we always lived in Rockport, Salem, Boston…I meant to award you the Sunshine Award but you must already have it, that’s the only reason I wouldn’t have. But I have 4 others, I will do another post tonight & will let you know 🙂 Sorry for the confusion! XOXO

      • The only reason I don’t go nuts it’s because Ottawa is surrounded by water. It sits in the confluence of four rivers and we also have the canal so there’s water everywhere you look. However, it’s not the same as the ocean and the calming sound of the waves.

        As for the award, no worries. It’s the thought that counts. And you gave it to JazzCat Jay anyway 🙂

      • Lol, I gave it to a bunch of people. Your blog a my sunshine too, but I just popped over & you have it, so that’s what I must have done last night. But you’re right, no reason not to give it to someone again!!! Well I was thinking of you but I have some great ones coming up 🙂 XOXO

      • Thank you! ❤

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