June Awards – So Far! Hooray!

It’s looking like I’m getting out of this useless asylum shortly, after three+ weeks of containment. Notice I didn’t say treatment. There will be no treatment for me. I just have to act perky to make sure they release me on Monday.  Even though I am more depressed, possibly more suicidal and newly homicidal, since admitting myself. Fuck if I’ll come back here again. I hope my treatment team gets mauled by a hippo. Or 10.

My doctor is a fucking crocodile.


But enough bad karma, let’s celebrate, I’ve had 5 or 6 awards generously bestowed upon me recently & it’s high time I thanked, acknowledged & deliver them unto y’alls.



Why thank you!

Bestowed upon me by my dear friend & unwavering supporter Kevin at Voices of Glass (http://voicesofglass.com/), & his smart, insightful, & at times comic and quirky website. And what a spectacular blog name – Voices of Glass…

I have 5 or 6 other awards to hand about, so I will limit the allotment of this one to a small number of blogs.

And the blogs are:

Gonna post each award in individual posts. Too tired to do all tonight!!! MANY more coming!

But before I go to sleep, this is how these blogs make me feel:


These blogs make me sit and stay. The smile is elicited by the way each blog approaches and supports the hopefully emerging full-on CAUSE that mental health is growing into. And so I thank them.



  1. Have you found suitable outpatient care? Ugh!!!! Thank heavens for the avenging hippos.

  2. It’s probably smart to break up the posts so there’s one for each award. Doing three at one time took long enough. 😉

  3. Thank you so much!!!! You’re also freakin hilarious 🙂
    I replied to your fabulous comments on my blog I hope you get the responses, I was in love with them!

  4. Love the hippo pic and the awards. Hate that you’re not getting treatment. 😦

  5. Homicidal… I can relate. Only to one person though… the one who abused my son.

  6. Awww, I love you! ALso, I just changed the password back to what it was. Again, mostly unpolished – I’ve been focusing exclusively on the Not Quite Lost blog since beginning of April & haven’t gotten back to the Boston blog…Hugs!!!!


  1. […] Hello all.  I just received an Outstanding Blogger Award from my new friend and fabulous fellow blogger Not Quite Lost.  She’s intelligent, witty, hilarious, and sometimes in some seriously deep shit.  I think you all should check out her blog if you haven’t already.  We have quite a bit in common when it comes to what we’re going through and what we are and what we want to write.  Her post on the awarding of the Outstanding Blogger Award is Here. […]

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