The Life-Saving Art of Martin Wittfooth

All I want to do is go to bed, but I just noticed that awfully neglected ‘ART’ category up at the top of my page. And, well, it’s Day 22 here at McLean. So I don’t want to go to bed unhappy. So I will share with you some of the magical work of my very favorite artist on the planet. One of his paintings literally saved my life last year – a large print, ‘New Suns’, which I’ll include below – was hanging beside my bed last summer and I don’t know how many days and nights I spent in full decompensation, a scratch away from heading a few blocks over to the high speed rail, just staring and staring at the fox, at the peeling paint of the antique farmhouse, of the muted & beautifully coordinated colors he chose. And wondering what was outside the window, other than the sun. And thinking that that is one magical hovering fox, because there’s no way he’s dead. No. He’s not dead.

The Magician – Martin Wittfooth






Saints Preserve Us (first print I bought of Martin’s)

The Blind Fisherman (I have this print)

Red Soil (I also have this print)

New Suns…I have this – and it saves me

That is all. Is it not magical?



  1. I love these! I might need to go look up more of his stuff. Thank for sharing! 🙂

  2. Interesting stuff.

  3. Oh I love Martin Wittfooth! Thank you for sharing these and your thoughts. Art has saved me more that once.

  4. Great artwork. I had not heard of him before but I really lkiked them 🙂
    Splodgy Arty Cyber Hugs

  5. You and Martin are soul mates.

  6. Wow I really like these!

  7. Enchanting 🙂

  8. ❤ 's it!! xox

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