Blogroll & New Category – Because I’m too dense to figure out how to add as a Page

These are the sites of my friends, real or imagined, presenting a variety of topics, though generally leaning mental. Do go and play in their gardens.  This is how I feel on the blogosphere with them:

Happy in the WordPress Forest

Some of my favorites are disappearing. Maybe that’s the nature of our particular community, some of us periodically hibernate. I do hope to see Zen, Alchemy & Roket back. I even had awards to give them…(never mind – I found Alchemy Now & Roket! Now where’s Zen?)

If I mistakenly left anyone out, please comment that I am an idiot jackass with a failing memory or ability to navigate wordpress. I love all my blogging buddies.

And, again, this is how y’all make me feel when I’m at WordPress:



  1. DAMNIT! I created a new category & it isn’t showing up. Not so happy in WordPress at the moment.

  2. Where do you find these images. So evocative!

  3. Love how you ended this and what a great picture

  4. yay!!

  5. YAY! You opened your blog up again!

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