In-patient: Day 8 (featuring Sergio Flores)

I cannot shake this Grim Reaper guy off my arm, he really loves me. That would make him the most dedicated active force in my life. Maybe I should be grateful for his consistency (yes, somehow he is most definitely a fellow, not a ma’am). This unit is to stabilize the patient – so I’m not sure if still being suicidal but being resigned to it rather than afraid of it can be considered stabilized. I spent the past couple of days calling around looking for intensive outpatient therapy but everyplace says I’m too high risk. The nurses here confirm that – they say families can be lawsuit-happy after suicides. I guess I get that, but most suicidals will tell you that there is nothing to be done for them – if someone does it – an adult at least (I don’t even want to think about the teens who do it because of bullying or a boyfriend – I just want them all to take Tae Kwon Do lessons & beat the shit out of somebody. I used to be bullied – that would have been hella-therapeutic for me) – we’re gonna do our thing once we establish it’s the only way, end of story. Suing therapists or psychiatrists – that makes me sad. To me they should be sued for not taking accepting a patient who is in most need of their assistance.

So, anyhow, just a quick hello, will try to do a better post later & have some more awarding to do & I need to clean up my blogroll – it is too long I think (is it? let me know what you think).

Sorry, boring, total lack of insight, nothing clever or amusing – let me see if I can find a satisfying image to leave you with, oh, never mind, ima gonna make you laugh – stick with this whole video. People (Sailor!) who are against American humor may not get it, but it is based on a Brit, so maybe you will get a kick out of our dear Sergio. Best part at 4 minutes “No, but he IS above the law. Look, he’s playing to a baby!”

Enjoy, folks.



  1. once when I was in the hospital, there was a guy thee who was like mongiloide (sp?) oh he had downs syndrome anyway, he had a crush on me or something. He was winking at me and I let him know I wasn’t; interested. I was the last person he should have bothered. At that time I was really angry. So he started sticking his middle finger around the corner at me and stuff. Then he came in my room a couple times and opened my shades and I hate that I keep em closed, So I threatened to break a chair over his head. That got the nurses off their butts. They had to make him sleep on the couch in the day room So they could watch him. He was creepy in a different way. You never who you are going to be admitted with. I would tell you about getting admited with a girl and well I had a crush and so did she, but I think it was the meds lol. I save it for another time lol. You get better now girl!

  2. I can’t watch the video 😦 xox

  3. I mean, I can’t see it. It’s just coming up as a black box.

  4. Loved the video! 🙂 🙂

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