Why thank you, Broken Light Collective

Even though I so hate images of my wretched self…

Just published – hooray – no rejection triggers!



  1. Beautiful behind your sadness.

    • Thank you, my beloved kindred Minnesotan! I hope you shift to wordpress (I believe you can import your whole blog, as is) & add another with just stories about your experiences in JP, etc. That business with the, what, sharsk? in JP killed me, my hometown, I love sharks, never occurred to me to imagine them in the Pond!!!

  2. You know ever since my brother’s girlfriend accidentally triggered me the other day, I’ve been thinking I may have some complex PTSD too. It’s only now I’m beginning to realize as I put the puzzles of my tendency to dissociate together. Oh see, why am I on here again? heheh ♥

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