30 Day Challenge: Check It, Day 5(?) –

“This is the last song I will ever sing/no I’ve changed my mind again”

I closed all my online accounts, took a few valium and took a walk. My phone kept buzzing in my handbag – e-mail notifications. I walked into a few bars downtown but am not a bar-by-myself person, not even with meds. It was raining. I was disappointed in myself but said to hell with it and walked back home. I shoved back my hood & just let the rain fall.  I stepped into a doorway of a closed shop or an abandoned building or something & checked my phone. I had more wordpress comments than I’d ever had. I had quit and that generated activity? What the hell?

I got home and read them. After a few hours & a fight with spouse, I felt better. So, thanks all.  What a supportive bunch. So I had to check it. So, why live tonight? Well, first of all my bed is far more enticing than the highspeed rail tracks in the rain. But also, I thought of this song. It speaks so much, with eternal silliness. The closing line – above – made me want to post this video as an explanation for my “Goodbye! Hello!”

Anyhow, thanks again. Will spend tomorrow poring through your pages. Sleep well.


  1. Dear Magic,

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. You know your borderline when you love Morrissey and/or The Smiths

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