Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Thank you to Bipolarmuse for nominating me for ANOTHER award. I think I can maybe qualify for this one.


  1. I’m a Pisces
  2. I have 4 cats
  3. I used to trespass on the property of a closed state mental hospital with my children in tow
  4. I sometimes listen to disco (Tavares, O’Jays, Sister Sledge)
  5. I have flawless Boston, Karachi and Manchester accents
  6. I have moved every 10 months – in & out of state – since 2003
  7. I love foreign horror films

I nominate the following magical bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, thank you for your kinship and inspiring pieces:

Some of the other wonderful blogs I follow already have this award posted, and if this list is incomplete, apologies on an exhausted Friday night.



  1. OK, so I’ve been nominated – now how do I WIN?

  2. Congratulations, you already did win! ♥ Now just put up the picture on your sidebar (just download it and use a sidebar widget to add it). THANK YOU FOR NOMINATING ME. I just saw that. Wow. I am astounded. Bipolarmuse nominated me also and so this is great as I get to nominate 14 people instead of 7. THAT is awesome, more luvin’ to share. Thank you so much, I am HONORED. 🙂

    It confused me too at first, I thought, someone will notify me of something. Nope. You win by being nominated. We just pass the awards along to each other. It’s fun to collect the images on your sidebar.

    Congrats to you dear. XO XO

  3. Thank you for adding me to the top of your blog! What an HONOR that is. I’m stunned. 🙂 I just noticed that when I was copying the link to this post so I could do my post for the award.

    Have 3 cats, love horror films, and adore disco. You’re not alone. XO XO

  4. Thanks SO MUCH for nominating me! Means so much to me!


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