30 Day Challenge: Day 3, Check It

This isn’t really a challenge any more, partly because I am no longer pining over death like a 12 year old over Justin Bieber, partly because my collection of magic is endless.  I could go at least 1,000 days by dipping into my own art collection, bookshelves, iTunes library, Pinterest. I don’t feel like dying anymore, but I want to get these 30 Days done, if for no other reason than to get one person to listen to this song.

There’s a story with it. In 2009 I was blessed with my 4th child, a daughter. She was a wild animal from the day she came home. This was her birth announcement:

We discovered very quickly the one thing that would quiet her down instantly. Electronica, particularly European/Australian electronica, was like magic. After a while we discovered that Modeselektor, a Berlin-based duo and one of my personal favorites, were unwitting Badger-Whisperers. “Suckerpin” in particular – if the Badger was going nuts, I would put on “Suckerpin” & just bop around my bedroom with her (I still had Major Depression at the time, but new babies tend to quell my disquiet, much to the surprise of my doctors, who always interrogated me on the subject of post-partum), once it would stop she would wail for me to bring the magical-German-programmers back, damnit!

I post this with Bipolarmuse in mind: this is the sophisticated big brother/sister of the dubstep scene. I have been addicted to this track for years and had the pleasure of seeing these guys live last summer. Modeselektor kills, with champagne.



  1. That is so cool that it calmed her down, even babies have preferences! 🙂 About your daughter’s nickname – I love it. Like the music, too.

    • Yeah, you know you read re. playing classical music to babies, I am not a fan of classical so would not have done that, but the linear nature of electronica can’t be far afield from classical.

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